Why ThirdReel?

This rebranding process has given us the opportunity to revisit our key messages. We are a dedicated group of talented individuals with creative and technical expertise who are focused on partnering with our clients to deliver memorable events. Our skilled team has decades of experience producing in-person, hybrid, and virtual events for some of the world’s leading companies, non-profits, and brands.

So, why ThirdReel? In the heyday of film, movies were on celluloid, and a film with more reels was often considered ‘epic’. Epic films were a style of filmmaking with large-scale, sweeping scope, and spectacle, much like our events. As the ‘third reel’ we play an integral part in the success of our clients’ events. In the process of developing our new logo and brand you’ll see that we have retained the familiar color scheme of blue and orange, but we have updated our palette to give the logo a fresher and newer look.

Our horizontal logo design has a representation of sprockets on either side of the name. Sprockets are the small rectangular perforations on 35mm film, located on each edge of the the filmstrip, and are used to guide the film through the camera. Our vertical logo design incorporates this element represented as an exclamation point, a nod to our sister division B&A Litigation Services, which provides expert and highly qualified court reporting and video services. 

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