And So That Happened…

Sizzle reel for 5th Avenue Theatre’s newest production of And So That Happened…

This an original musical created by PNW artists! This a captive musical story that explores the different lives of people going through the aftermath of a cataclysmic event.

“Three masterful storytellers will each spin a captivating thirty-minute musical story about how we move forward in the wake of seismic transformation and radical change.” -The 5th Avenue Theatre

In the past, the 5th Avenue Theatre has done many co-productions with ACT Theatre. Shows such as Ride the Cyclone, Urinetown, and many others! Even though this is a full 5th Avenue production it will actually be playing at the ACT Theatre! The show will be playing at ACT through June 19th, so get your tickets to this amazing production today! 

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