Paid Family Medical Leave Policy

As a company, we are always trying to find ways to ensure our employees have the resources necessary to have a good work-life balance. We believe that family should always come first, which is why we encourage our employees to take fully paid time off when they have a new baby.
The State of Washington has a program called Paid Family and Medical Leave where employees in the state can take 12-18 weeks off of work for various reasons, like if they have a baby, have a spouse who will be deployed, or if they need to take care of a family member who is sick. This program pays a portion of the employee’s salary while they are gone. Our company will then cover the additional portion of the employee’s salary. That way, while on leave, the employee will received their full paychecks as they would normally.
This is very important because the last thing you want to think about is money when you have a new baby, or when a family member is sick. Once back at work, we encourage our working parents to set schedules that work best for their families.

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