Honoring our Veterans and their Families

On this day we honor our Veterans and their families and recognize their courage and commitment. We have a number of team members who have served or had family who served:
Dan Bassett
Rank: E-5. Photographer’s Mate Petty Officer Second Class.
Branch: United States Navy (The best branch)
Dates Served: 1995-2000
Key Events: Operation Southern Watch, Operation Desert Strike, Operation Desert Fox (all operations in support of enforcing the southern no-fly zone in Iraq & conducting maritime interception operations that continue to present day)
Katie Naylor
My father, Richard Naylor, was drafted and spent 18 months in Vietnam as an MP with the US Army, and my little brother, Sean Naylor was a Marine who deployed to Afghanistan for 6 months in 2007-08. Regrettably, I don’t know their ranks, but I am proud of them both. ,
Taylor Nichols
My grandfather, Richard E Miner. He was a Captain in the US Army from 1954- 1959.
Steve Crandall
My father Bruce Crandall was a career Army Aviator. He flew helicopters in Vietnam and was played by Greg Kinnear in the movie “We Were Soldiers.”

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