Meet our Freelancer, Guy Staley!

Guy Staley is an accomplished freelancer with over 35 years of experience in the media production industry! Guy’s journey began in audio production, where he worked as a Producer and Audio Engineer. Fascinated by cinematography, he delved into the field while continuing his work in audio engineering. His passion for visual storytelling led him to pursue studies in cinematography and later photography, culminating in the establishment of his own darkroom where he specialized in abstracts and urban landscapes. With the advent of DSLR cameras capable of shooting video, Guy’s interest in hybrid photography and videography reignited, drawing him back into video production and eventually onto film sets. Over the years, he has contributed his expertise to numerous feature films, mastering various roles within the Camera and Electrical departments. Additionally, Guy has owned and operated two private recording studios, focusing primarily on music production while occasionally delving into post-production audio for video projects.

In 2014, Guy joined Promotion Arts (now ThirdReel) as a freelancer, initially working as a Technical Director and Camera Operator for live streams of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) events. Since then, he has been a cornerstone as a primary camera operator and audio engineer, collaborating on diverse projects ranging from productions at the 5th Avenue Theatre to international endeavors like assisting with live streams for Fred Hutch in South Africa. Recently, he has also been involved with our sister company, B&A Litigation Services, working as a remote legal videographer. His professionalism and expertise have forged a strong partnership with our company over the past decade.

In his free time, Guy’s interests extend to cooking, photography, and automotive work. His dedication to his craft is evident as he spends much of his free time immersed in video projects and expanding his knowledge of the industry. Recently, he has delved deeper into post-production and color work for films.

Excited about the future, Guy looks forward to traveling with his wife and is eager to explore the evolving landscape of AI in the industry.

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